Fannish History
My fannish history all began when I was in grade school.  Before this time I had never really found anything that interesting to me or any place where I really fit in.  One day, back when my oldest brother was in high school, my mom took me to see some of his friends that were performing in the high school's annual musical.  That was the first show I had ever seen.  That performance lit the fuse that ended up becoming my obsession with the performing arts.

It took me a very long time to become comfortable with my fandom of musicals and dancing and singing.  In my hometown it was virtually unheard of to be a male performer and if anyone ever found out that you were a male performer in shows you were automatically labeled as homosexual.  It took me years to realize that I didn't care what anyone else thought.  I finally decided that I wanted to perform.

The first show I performed in was Les Miserables.  After that show I did everything from start taking classes in singing, acting, and dancing, to helping build sets, to helping at summer camps for performing arts, to listening to musical soundtracks nonstop, and even reading entire scripts of shows.  It literally began to take up my entire life and still does.

I didn't realize, until I started looking back on how I began liking performing arts, how much of a fan I actually am.  I'm going to be completely honest and say I judge people sometimes, especially if they are crazy, diehard fans of something that I don't think is cool, but now I realize that I was wrong to judge them.  I don't really feel that I have any room to judge anymore.  We all have something to be a fan of and I'm sure most person have that one thing that makes them look just as crazy as any other group of fans.

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